KARACHI: The MCC Appraisement West advised all principal appraisers (PA), Assistant & Deputy Collectors (AC/DC) to prepare performance for July-October 2014 highlighting detections made, recoveries affected or any other tangible achievement.
The performance would be reviewed in a revenue review meeting scheduled for November 11, 2014. This will be a monthly performance measurement review and Additional Collectors should review the performance internally before the scheduled meeting.
It was decided couple of months back to give complete view of each GD to PAs as well as AC/DCs have already sufficient monitoring tools of their Groups. Accordingly, PAs daily monitor the assessment behavior of their Groups to see that valuation rulings/internal assessment guidelines were applied properly; there were no distortions in assessment data; Green channel clearances were reviewed regularly to ensure that the same was not being misused and TP consignments were not showing any abnormal behavior.