KARACHI: Auction for confiscated goods, vehicles and motorcycles to be held on October 15, 2014 at Gaddani, a circular said.
The following goods are included:
Generator 1000 KVA (old and used);
Generator (diesel) 250 KVA;
Generator 100 KVA (old and used);
Generator 640 KVA (old and used);
Tyres new Yokohama;
New birla tyres;
Torch lamp;
Motorcycle shocks (F/O);
Motorcycle shock absorber;
Tyres for car dunple;
Lungoti for tyre;
Curtain cloth;
Velvet cloth;
Cut piece cloth;
AS Cloth (cut piece);
Bishor cloth (cut piece);
Mineral grease;
Launch without engine (damage condition);
New tyres changshen (china);
New tyres Yasa (Irani);
Vegetable cooking oil (Malaysia);
Vegetable cooking oil Laila (F/O);
Shampoo Rukhsar;
Tag dish washing liquid;
Pad locks (China);
Barang Rakshaws (unassembled with accessories along with tyres)
The auction-able vehicle includes:
Mitsubishi Pajero (old Reg: KCT-6335) engine capacity 2800cc
The auction-able motorcycles are included:
Two Kinlon -125;
Two Elegance-125;