KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement (West) has redistributed work amongst its Additional Collectors with immediate effect, a circular issued on Tuesday.
The following Additional Collectors with their assigned tasks:
Dr Iftikhar Ahmad (Additional Collector-I) has been assigned for Group-II (Ch.28-38), Group-IV (Ch.50-70), Licensing, HQ-I (Estt/Admn, Confidential, CHO, Transport Section), HQ-II (cash Section, Accounts, Policy and Coordination, Statistical, SR Cell, Budget and Account Section) CPF, Treasury, Customs Laboratory, Procurements, CRA, PRAL, Transit Trade Legacy issues. Any other job not elsewhere specified in this order;
Syed Naeem Akhtar (Additional Collector-II) has been assigned for Group-I (Ch.01-27), Group-III (Ch.39-49), Adjudication-ADC Level, Pre-Audit, Supervision of WeBOC role for printing cheques;
Farrukh Sajjad (Additional Collector-III) has been assigned for Group-IV (Ch.84-85), Group-VII (Ch.86-89), Public/Private Bonds and Warehousing, Import Section, Transshipment, SRO-492 and Temporary imports, FTO, Law Branch, Tribunal, IT Division, Administrative Supervision of Assessment Hall;
Muhammad Nayyar Shafiq (Additional Collector-IV) has been assigned for Examination and Auction at West Wharf, BOML, AICT, KICT, MCD and Coordination with KPT and Terminal Operators, Internal Audit, Inter Port Movement, R&D (AIB and Post Release Verification Cell);
Azhar Hussain Merchant (Additional Collector-V) has been assigned for Group-V (Ch.71-83), Group-VIII (Ch.90-99), Internal Stock Taking, Auction of unserviceable govt. purchased stock, BG Cell, Recovery Cell, ADRC, MIS (WeBOC and One Customs), FTA Cell;
All Additional Collectors referred to Group will perform all related functions pertaining to both WeBOC and One-Customs.