KARACHI: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has provided new prescribed format to candidates while applying for the request program.
As per circular, new prescribed format for employers statement/plan to implement the newly-acquired knowledge by the candidate have been issued for information and necessary action for officers who applied for NUFFIC scholarships.
It said that format employer’s statement to be submitted on official letterhead, dated, signed by the superior of the candidate and stamped with following requisites:
I (name of the superior of the candidate) hereby give permission to
-name of candidate;
-date of birth;
-employed since month/year;
To follow the short course/master’s study/PhD programme:
-name course or programme;
-from (start date) to (end date);
-at (educational institution, place);
The declaration have been taken by the board including:
-the candidate salary will continue to be paid during the period or which the fellowship is awarded;
-at the end of the fellowship period the candidate will be offered a position at least equivalent to the one he/she is currently holding;
-the candidate will not be assigned any tasks during the fellowship period to ensure that he/she will be available full time for the study programme;
-I am available to answer questions concerning the fellowship of this candidate;
-I am willing to cooperate with NFP/MSP for evaluation purposes of the programme;
-the information provided in this letter and attachment is true and correct.
The following steps Plan to implement the newly-acquired knowledge by the candidate including:
-name of the organization;
-mission statement (max 750 characters);
-main activities (maximum three activities in maximum 750 characters);
Data about the candidate who is nominated for a fellowship including:
-name of the candidate;
It should explain the relevance of the study that what knowledge and skills are to be developed by the candidate including:
-relevance for the candidate: (50-1000 characters);
-relevance for the employing organization (50-1000 characters)
It also said that candidates should give knowledge of their research topic with objectives and a long timeline as form has special columns for such purposes.