KARACHI: Tanvir Ahmed Sufi, Chairman, Pakistan Soap Manufacturers Association (PSMA) has said that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) should not be allowed to devise economic policies. “It (FBR) should only remain confined to tax collection and revenue generation activities.”
He further recommended that government should focus on revenue generation and seek ways on how to further enhance low tax base whereas an independent body should be formed to devise various economic policies including the federal budget of the country. “This independent body should comprise of all stakeholders including experts, economists, intellectuals, prominent businessmen and industrialists along with the representatives of Chamber of Commerce and Industry,” he suggested.h
He was talking at the annual dinner of the association, in which Chairman Businessmen Group (BMG) Siraj Kassam Teli attended the gathering as Chief Guest, Vice Chairman BMG & Former President Zubair Motiwala & President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Mr. A. Abdullah Zaki attended as guest of honor.
Sufi said the local industry is facing very tough time, so serious efforts should be made to encourage the private sector to play an effective role in reviving economy.
The Chairman highlighted few problems faced to its members. Commenting the current economic conditions of the country, he said that at present our industries are passing through a very critical phase due to un-controllable law and order situation, acts of terrorism and sectarian violence & real painful energy shortage etc.
Tanvir Ahmed Sufi highlighted few other problems related to controversial SRO, additional burden of Sales Tax & Income Tax and Pak Afghan Transit Trade etc. He sought KCCI’s assistance in convincing the government to form the proposed independent body which will be responsible for reviewing the overall business climate along with various economic indicators and accordingly devise policies in the largest interest of the country. If recent circumstances of local industry could not properly handled, all soap manufacturing units will be shut down and thousand of industrial workers, particularly the daily wages would face retrenchment.
Abdullah Zaki appreciated the efforts and struggles of soap manufacturers and explained at length the all issues faced by the soap manufacturers in the country so that definite measures and policies are put into practice to facilitate the industry.
This would greatly help in generating revenues to bring economy back on the rails. Zaki added that Karachi Chamber is a prime Chamber of Pakistan, as we always in touch with high officials of government relating to Trade & Industry problems. During recent year, Karachi Chamber presented budget proposals to Finance Minister, while it was the responsibility of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry. He further expressed hope that Soap Industry shall do better business & in this way this industry will be more strengthen.
Zubair Motiwala said all industries are at present facing numerous problems including acute shortage & load shedding of Gas and Electricity. We are trying our best by contacting with the relevant departments.
On Pak Afghan Transit Trade, he said that we are doing its exercise by contacting with the relevant Government officials. He explained at length the issue of Afghan transit trade, how it is causing loss to National exchequer.
He suggested that representative of Trade & Industry must be in National Assembly. He appreciated the efforts of Tanvir Ahmad Sufi as PSMA Chairman & Executive member of LCCI. He hoped if Tanvir Sufi makes efforts to enter into National Assembly, the problems of Trade & Industry shall be resolved.
He further advised the members of the Association to adopt BMR for their industries; their production units must be equipped with modern techniques. It will helpful to fight with imported products. He assured that KCCI shall try its best to resolve the problems faced by soap manufacturers as we think that the smooth sailing of Soap Industry is in the larger interest of Economy as well as people of Pakistan. He further said if the local industry flourishes it motivate the foreign investors to come and invest in Pakistan, if local industry is in doldrums how can they take risk of putting more industries.
Manzoor Hussain presented vote of thanks and hoped that honorable guests shall make their efforts to resolve the problems of Soap Industry.