KARACHI: Serious irregularities have been identified in MCC Appraisement-East, which are causing huge revenue loss to the national exchequer. It was known that energy drinks are being imported in the country and are being cleared on the customs values of soft drinks and juices under the patronage of a particular cartel in MCC Appraisement East. According to details, the customs values of energy drinks are four times higher than the soft drinks and juices. Soft drinks and juices are valued at $0.60 per KG while energy drinks are valued at $0.52 per 250ml for assessment of duty and taxes. A regular container of energy drinks attracts duty and taxes to the dune of Rs3.3 million while similar container of soft drinks and juices attracts duty and taxes of Rs 0.40 million only. Certain importers and clearing agents are importing energy drinks, which are being system-cleared i.e. without examination at MCC Appraisement East. It is alleged that R&D Appraisement East is patronizing this mis-declaration. In a recent incident, Appraiser Dost Mohammad on an information blocked a consignment imported by M.I Traders but Principal Appraiser Shafiullah struck down the instructions of Dost Mohammad and asked an Examiner named Abdul Razzak to conduct the examination of the consignment and cleared the consignment. Similarly, chocolate, which is a high revenue product is being cleared on very low values resulting in huge loss to the government revenues. It was alleged that the entire game is being run in connivance with Customs authorities. Officials said that chocolates, drinks and other such products falling under the category of commercial products were usually categorized Risk Management System (RMS) tagged Red i.e. physical examination is mandatory. But MCC Appraisement East is system-clearing consignments of certain importers and clearing agents including M.I Traders containing commercial products. It may be mentioned here that Appraisement West has put chocolates and drinks in RMS-Red where all consignments are physically examined and revenue loss is avoided.