KARACHI: The notification issued by the Ministry of Finance, according approval to the grant of higher time scale to the Superintendents (BPS-16), has created confusion among the Customs Appraisement South, as Superintendants are known as Principal Appraisers/Appraisers/Examiners here.

The Customs Act defines Superintendent and Principal Appraisers and it is comprehended that the subject notification would apply on principal appraisers/appraisers/preventive officers and examiners as well. It may be mentioned here that in Appraisement South there are no superintendents contrary to the rest of country where Principal Appraisers are known as superintendents.

Sources said that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is likely to clarify the issue in a couple of days.

The Ministry of Finance has notified one time grant of BPS-17 to all Superintendants working in BPS-16 irrespective of their length of service. In future three years satisfactory service as Superintendant BPS-16 may be prescribed for grant of BPS-17 to them.

However, the recruitment rules, nomenclature/tier of the posts and seniority of the superintendents shall remain intact; the grant of higher time scale will be subject to fitness of candidate and recommendations of the relevant DPC; on grant of higher time scale pay will be fixed at the next above stage in BPS-17 and no pre-mature increment is admissible; on grant of higher time scale there shall be no change in the entitlement/admissibility of rental ceiling/house rent allowance and medical allowance.

It is interesting to note that despite being in Grade-17, these superintendents/principal appraisers would be sub-ordinate to Assistant Collectors of Grade-17.