KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement (West) has re-distributed work amongst their additional collectors, with immediate effects until further orders.
The following are additional collectors with their assigned tasks:
Additional Collector-I Dr Iftikhar Ahmad has been assigned for Group-III (Ch.39-49), Group-IV (Ch.50-70), Licensing, HQ-I (Estt/Admn, Confidential, CHO, Transport Section), HQ-II (Cash Section, Accounts, Policy & Coordination, Statistical, S.R.Cell, Budget Sanction Accounts Authority) CPF, Treasury, Procurements, CRA, PRAL, Transit Trade Legacy issues. And any other job not elsewhere specified in the order.
Additional Collector-II Fayaz Rasool Maken assigned for Group-II (Ch.28-38), Group-VII (Ch.86-89), Public/Private Bonds and Warehousing, Import Section, Transshipment, SRO-492 and Temporary Imports, FTO, Law Branch, Tribunal, Customs Laboratory, IT Division, Administrative supervision of Assessment Hall.
Additional Collector-III Syed Naeem Akhtar has been assigned for Group-I (Ch.01-27), Group-VI (Ch.84-85), MIS-WeBOC, Adjudication-ADC Level, Pre-Audit, Supervision of WeBOC role for printing cheques.
Additional Collector-IV Muhammad Nayyar Shafiq has been assigned for Examinations & Auction at West Wharf, BOML, AICT, KICT, MCD & Coordination with KPT & Terminal Operators, Valuation Ruling Monitoring & Coordination, Internal Audit, Inter Port Movement, R&D (AIB & Post Release Verification Cell), FTA Cell, MIS (One-Customs).
Additional Collector-V Muhammad Raza assigned for Group-V (Ch.71-83), Group-VIII (Ch.90.99), Internal Stocks, B.G. Cell, Recovery Cell, ADRC.
It is also mentioned in an order that each group will perform all related functions pertaining to both WeBOC and One-Customs.