KARACHI: The Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation-FBR has lodged an FIR against the proprietor and staff of M/s A-Z Corporation and M/s L.J Corporation for being involved in the smuggling of contraband goods i.e. beer/liquor by mis-declaring its description, value and classification.

According to the details of the case, DG I&I FBR received information that beer/liquor was being smuggled under the garb of import of Test Liner Recycle Liner Paper in rolls.

In pursuance of aforesaid information, the staff of Directorate General online blocked in system, a Container imported by M/s A-Z Corporation declared to contain Test Liner Recycle Liner Paper in Rolls (Brown).

During preliminary investigation, it transpired that importer M/s. A-Z Corporation, Karachi, filed online Goods Declaration in the WeBOC System through Muhammad Javed of M/s. L.J Corporation, wherein self-assessed tax liability on the aforesaid declared description of the consignment.

In order to confirm the veracity of information, prior to re-examination, the staff of Directorate General in presence of two witnesses, re-examined the Container which resulted into the recovery of Whisky/alcohol beverages of assorted brands, concealed inside 18 Rolls of Test Liner Recycle Liner Paper including Black Label 2699 Bottles, Red Label 791 Bottle, White & Mac 727 Bottles, Cattos 66 Bottles, Vodka 181 Bottle, Cordier 260 Bottles and Beer Carlsberg 293 cases of 68 1 6 cans.

The goods were seized. Subsequent to the seizure of recovered goods, Muhammad Javed of L.J Corporation was intercepted and during the course of preliminary investigation, it was found that he had been filing Goods Declarations since long against NTN of M/s A-Z Corporation. From the investigation, it was further revealed that the said consignment subsequent to its clearance was to be delivered, dumped at a hired portion of a private godown situated at Saba Taj Godown, , which is being looked after and run by one Shahid Khatri S/o Yousuf Khatri, front man of M/s A-Z Corporation.

Mohammad Javed and Shahid Khatri have been arrested and further investigation into the matter is in progress.

DG Intelligence & Investigation, Lutfullah Virk has reportedly directed his team to involve the officers of R&D East into the investigation as such an organized ordeal involving goods worth millions of dollars was not possible without the connivance of officials. It has been known that certain political leaders patronize the corrupt officials and officers.

It may be mentioned here that Collector Appraisement East Najeeb Abbasi and Additional Collector Wajid Ali have been making all efforts to address irregularities and have kept strict supervision, resultantly R&D East has established several cases in the last two months.