KARACHI: Auction for fresh and leftover lots will be held on June 10 (today) to onwards at Pak Shaheen Container Services (Pvt) Ltd by Pakistan Customs, a circular issued on Monday.
The auction-able goods are included:
UHT milk film material in roll; master batch; empty plastic pouch tomato ketchup; medical/surgical instrument; 1 unit training engine; sofa cloth in rolls; carpets; refractory material tyre gum 85; tissue M/C top felt; controlling unit for refrigeration; used clothing; plain aluminum foil; used computer and office equipment; table lamp one holder bicycle tube valve; auto parts for CD 70 motorcycle Pvc compound; iron and steel tubing; magazines; forming fabric; anti theft hard tag detacher; wooden palette; juice top sealing film; industrial blower; empty shoe box and shoe tag metal; tyre tube; cement; vinyl strips rolls; electric holder; semi automatic capsule filing machine; used ultra sound machine; 1 set reconditioned film processor; Pvc card; energy saver; leather jacket; moulding compound; Pvc clear film; old and used electronic compounds; esomeprazole EC EC; soap and tooth brush; security tag; tailoring material; copying machine parts; calcium carbonate; solar water heater accessories; cinema chair screen; cyls of mixture gas; waste cloth; bottle seals; used 3304 black and crank shaft; burner with standard accessories; tasc unit; used refrigerator; bracker holding tweezer; calcium carbonate compound; and used clothing.
Plain aluminum foil; optical brightener KSI-B; sulphadiazine sodium USP 35; sulphaquinoxaline sodium; trimethoprim micronized; note book computer; used mazda flair and used Suzuki Alto.