KARACHI: The Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Appraisement-East has created a demand of Rs13.705 million against M/s Uni Lever Pakistan Limited as 19 of its consignments were cleared on the declared values, which were lesser than the assessable values.

Formal demand notice has been served on the importers and their clearing agents.

According to the details, M/s Uni Lever Pakistan Limited imported 19 consignments of German origin Dove Toilet Soap in last two years. The subject goods are assessable at the rate of Euro 2.169/KG as per the Valuation Ruling No.496/2012. However, scrutiny of the relevant data by Customs Research & Development (R&D) has revealed that these consignments have been cleared on the declared values lesser that the aforesaid assessable value.

Due to this clearance through the ‘Green Channel’, an amount of Rs13.705 million was short levied and short recovered from the importer with respect to these 19 consignments. Collector Appraisement-East, Najeeb Abbasi has advised re-assessment of these consignments accordingly.

It may be mentioned here that web-based automated Customs clearance system (WeBOC) automatically clears the consignment of high profile companies as per the values declared without examination and assessment i.e. the ‘green channel’.

The case was detected by Principal Appraiser Shafiullah and Appraiser Dost Mohammad. Najeeb Abbasi has appreciated the R&D and Post-release verification (PRV) staff for their efforts and directed re-assessment of consignments cleared through the Green Channel.