KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement (West) has re-distributed the work amongst assistant and deputy collectors of the collectorate with immediate orders and until further orders.
The officers with their assignments are included:
Muhammad Nayyar Shafiq, Deputy Collector – R&D, AIB, Post Release Verification (PRV) Cell, FTA Cell, ADRC, MIS – I, IT Division.
Dr. Noman Khan, Deputy Collector – Group-VI (Ch.84-85), HQ-I, (Estt/Admn, Confidential, CHO, Transport Section), MIS (One-Customs), Procurements, PRAL, Pre-Audit, Adjudication DC-level.
Naveed Iqbal, Deputy Collector – KICT Examination, Auctions, Inter Port Movement, Adjudication of Afghan Transit Trade legacy cases.
Nawabzadi Aliya Dilawar Khanju, Deputy Collector – Import Section, SRO-492, Temporary Imports, Transshipment, Group-VIII (Ch. 90-99), SRO-565 Cell, Public/Private Bonds and Warehousing.
Ghulam Nabi Kamboh, Deputy Collector – Group-III (Ch. 39-49), Bank Guarantee Cell, WeBOC role for printing cheques, Adjudication of Afghan Transit Trade legacy cases,
Yousuf Ali Khan Magsi, Deputy Collector – Group-V (Ch.71-83), HQ-II, MIS-II, Cash Section, Accounts, Policy & Coordination, Statistical, SR Cell & Budget Sanction Accounts Authority, CPF, Treasury, Adjudication of Afghan Transit Trade Legacy cases.
Ms. Nausheen Riaz Khan, Assistant Collector – Group –I (Ch.01 – 27), Adjudication AC-level.
Shah Faisal Saho, Assistant Deputy Collector – AICT (Examination & Auction), Inter Port Movement.
Muhammad Akbar Jan, Assistant Collector – Group – VII (Ch.86-89), Licensing.
Usman Tariq, Assistant Collector – KICT-Examinations, CRA, Recovery Cell, BOML – Examination & Auction.
Ms. Mariam Mehdi Raja, Assistant Collector – Group-II (Ch.28-38), Customs Laboratry.
Arsalan Majeed Rana, Assistant Collector – West Whart (Examination & Auction), MCD, Coordination with KPT & Terminal Operator, Internal Audit.
Rafiullah Bangash, Assistant Collector – Group-IV (Ch.50-70, FTO, Law Branch, Tribunal.
The collectorate said that each group will perform all related functions pertaining to both WeBOC and One-Customs. Related audit paras (CRA, Internal Audit), recoveries, litigation at any forum (Adjudication, Tribunal, High Court, Supreme Court etc.) FTO are integral part of the listed assignments.
Group holding charges of procurements, FTO, Law Branch, Tribunal, Statistics, Bank Guarantees, CRA, ADRC, Internal Audit etc. will also ensure proper coordination with other groups/sections for preparation of information/replies etc.
Given timelines shall be adhered to without fail, the collectorate directed.