KARACHI: Auction for confiscated goods and vehicles will be held on March 18, 2014 at CPF Bond Rasheedabad, State Warehouse of the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation-Federal Board of Revenue, Karachi, a notification said on Tuesday.
The following goods are of foreign origin which included:
1. Art silk cloth, 175 kg
2. Old and used audio CD/cassettes players, 45 sets
3. Ladies art silk cloth 38 bundles, 3490 kg
4. Generators spare parts, 6 cartons
5. Electronic goods
6. Tyres new, 30 Nos
7. Tyres Old and Used, 150 Nos
8. Mobile chargers, accessories and Misc. goods
9. Old and used tyres assorted brand, 49 Nos
10. Cigarettes assorted brand, 775 packs
11. Gem king size filter cigarettes, 600 stick
12. Hi light , Marlboro (red), Mralboro white, L and M and Esse cigarettes, 1700 sticks
13. Glass beads, 54 bags, 165 kgs
14. CRT monitor old and used assorted brand, 255 Nos
15. Dove soap, 191 cartons
16. Lux soap, 97 cartons
17. Johnson baby, 78 cartons
18. Sauannah soap, 650 cartons
19. CD blank DVD-R, 25 cartons
20. Belt buckle, 36 boxes
21. Nepolean Boss Eaude Toilet, 64 Dozens
22. I Phone V (slightly used) China, 71Pcs
23. I Phone IV (slightly used) China, 13Pcs
24. I Phone S-III (slightly used) China, 3Pcs
25. VHTC (slightly used) China 2Pcs
26. Cigarettes, as per inventory
27. Perfume, as per inventory
Auction-able confiscated vehicles are included:
1. Toyota Corona Car, 1991
2. Toyota Land Cruiser, 1992
3. Toyota Crown Car, 1997
4. Mercedes Benz Car, 1998
5. Honda Civic Ferio Car, 2003
6. Honda (Aria) Car, 2003
7. Toyota Surf Jeep, 1992
8. Toyota Corolla Car, 1994
9. Mercedes Benz, 1994
There are certain conditions according to notification that in auction the highest bidder will have to deposit 25 percent of bid amount immediately through pay order in the name of collector MCC Preventive, Customs House, Karachi, on account of bidder name or through each in the bank.
A notification said that the highest bidder will have to present original National Identity Card along with its photocopy and auction will be held as per auction rules and CGO/12 2002.