KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has withdrawn sales tax exemption on gas supply to about 52 companies registered with tax offices in Karachi, said a sales tax general order issued on Friday.
The following companies have been disallowed sales tax exemption:
1. A.B.T International (non filer)
2. Ahmed Processing Mills (Pvt) Ltd (non filer)
3. Ahmed Silk Mills (Pvt) Ltd (non filer)
4. Al-Amin Woolen Mills (Pvt) Ltd (non filer)
5. Al-Erum Industries (non filer)
6. Al-Haseeb Industrial & Engineering Corp (non filer)
7. Alma Leathers (non filer)
8. Al-Maarij Twisting (non filer)
9. Amin Fabrics Ltd, Site Kotri (non filer)
10. Argus Knitwear (Pvt) Ltd (non filer)
11. Asif Industries (non filer)
12. Asim Industries (Pvt) Ltd (non filer)
13. Associate Industries Garment PAK. (Pvt) (non filer)
14. Baig Spinning Mills Ltd (non filer)
15. Bilal Industries (non filer)
16. Commodities & Textile (Pvt) Ltd (non filer)
17. Dostsons Cotton Mills (Pvt) Ltd (non filer)
18. Euromode (Pvt) Ltd (non filer)
19. Evergreen Industries (non filer)
20. Fatani Impex (Pvt) Ltd (non filer)
21. Fayaz Filament (Pvt) Ltd (non filer)
22. G.B Sports Wear (Pvt) Ltd (non filer)
23. Hassaan Dyeing Process (non filer)
24. ICI Pakistan Ltd (non filer)
25. Jamia Spinning & Weaving Mills (Pvt) Ltd (non filer)
26. Mecca Dyeing (non filer)
27. Mehran Dyeing (Pvt) Ltd (non filer)
28. Mehran Garments (non filer)
29. Mustafa Industries (non filer)
30. New Star Silk Mills (non filer)
31. Pakistan National Textile Mills Ltd (non filer)
32. Polyron Limited (non filer)
33. Shafi Textile Printer (non filer)
34. Sophia Textile (Pvt) Ltd (non filer)
35. Texmaco Industries (non filer)
36. Tilon (Private) Limited (non filer)
37. Time Textile Industries (non filer)
38. Top One Dyeing (non filer)
39. Trade Exchange Services (non filer)
40. X-Pertex Old (Exper Tex) (non filer)
41. Zap Textiles (non filer)
42. S.R Corporation (non filer)
43. Artistic Spinning Mills (Pvt) Ltd (non filer)
44. Classic Denim Mills (de-notifying)
45. Commercial Textile & Printing (misuse)
46. Faisal Shehzad Weaving Mills (Pvt) Ltd (misuse)
47. Fazar Omer Industries (misuse)
48. Gia Associates (Pvt) Ltd (RTO; as per request)
49. M.I Industries (misuse)
50. Sadaf Textile (misuse)
51. L.K Towel Industries (non-existent)
52. Data Sahib Bleaching Factory (misuse)
The Chief Commissioner, Regional Tax Office, Karachi has been directed to coordinate with the implementation of aforesaid amendments in the General Order by the SSGCL Authorities for their respective registered persons.
Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGCL) is requested by the revenue body to start charging sales tax on the supply of gas to companies mentioned above with immediate effect, as per notification.