KARACHI: In order to check improper maintenance of repairs records and alleged misappropriation of public money, the Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) of Appraisement-West has directed all concerned to maintain movement registers and log books of government operational vehicles.
All official vehicles are to be operated and maintained as prescribed vide Rules for the use of staff cars, 1980 read with Compulsory monetization of transport facility.
Every year audit is done by DRRA and internal Audit with particular focus on payment of fuel and repair/maintenance charges against those vehicles.
Typical audit observations relate to improper or non-maintenance of movement registers and log books; improper maintenance of repairs record and alleged misappropriation of public money.
Transport Offices (TO) have been directed to ensure periodical inspection of government vehicles. Preferably, this should be done after every two months. A copy of brief inspection report should be placed in the relevant file.
TO would ensure repairs and maintenance of vehicles, whenever required. Before undertaking any repair there must be a requisition slip for the purpose. All repairs will be done strictly in terms of PPRA Rules, 2004 and there should be no lapse on this account; processing/issuance of PSO fleet cards for vehicles.
Deputy Collector while exercising delegated financial powers for making any payment against any vehicle will ensure that all related procedural formalities have been followed/completed.
Additional Collector incharge will ensure that any related file put up for payment of any bill is properly processed by the TO and DC incharge.
Supervisory officers will ensure that all admissible payments are processed and paid without any undue delay.