Karachi: The Directorate General of Customs Valuation has determined the Customs Values of perfume/ eau de toilette, eau de cologne, personal deodorants and body spray of Low-End and Unknown Brands up to $10 per Kilogram for the duty collection through Valuation Ruling No. 588/2013, according to a notification.
The above mentioned valuation goods of Low-End brands included: 121 men, Active, Sports, Always, Love, Ambition, Aqua, BlueArotic, Aqua Blue, Blue Author, Beauty & Silence, Best, Black Boss, Black Flower, Black is Black, Blossom, Blue, Feelings, Blue for Man, Blue Image, BOND, Charm, Cool Sky, Crushing, Dark Black, Dark Pulse, Dark Zone, Deep Red, Destroy, Doit, El Pasi, Enliven, Excel, Excuse, Forever, Gambit, Game, Golden Girl , Golf Open, Graceful, Handsome, Identity, Infinity, Just call me Maxi, Lana, Lexus, Liable, Lune de ETTE, Mad Love, Miss 16, Miss Flower, Moon, Morena, Nation, Nepolean toss, Net Work, Nice Lover, Ocean Wave, One man only, Opal, Pleasure, Prime Collection, Prime men, Proud Red, Race, Royal, Royal Marriage, Royal Orion, See me, Sergent, Sex Appeal, Shirley May, Silveris Silver, Slim Lady, Smart Collection, Solo, Special, Sport, Spy, Story of Love, Super Angel, Super Black, Take me, Tradition, Warrior, Afshan,udv, Roaa, Sitti al habaieb, sharouq, Malik al arab, Ferrori, Colour,me, Akat, Alexander of Paris, Cremezi, Men Zone, Tusk, Rivaj, Ferroli, Creation Lamis, Brand Collection, Active Man, Classic Man, Tag Him, Cosmo, Smart Collection, Dorall Collection, Chrisadom and similar un-known brands.
Perfumes, Eau de Toilette, Eau de cologne (Brands mentioned above) of origins USA/EU/UK, Middle
East/Far East/Turkey/China) come under HS Code 3303.0010 & 3303.0090 will be assessed up to (C&F) $4.95 to $10.00 per Kilogram (net content weight).
Body Spray Personal Deodorants & Anti-Perspirants (Brands mentioned above) of all origin come under Hs Code 3307.2000 will be assessed at the rate of $1.65 per KG (net content weight).