KARACHI: As the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has approved the gradual roll-out of the WeBOC System to MCC (Exports), a phased implementation approach is being adopted.
Accordingly, the facility of WeBOC System is being extended to cargo being exported through NLCTT from October 08, 2013.
All exporters and their clearing agents have been advised to file Goods Declaration (GD) pertaining to LCL/FCL cargo of MCC (Exports), Karachi exported through NLCTT in WeBOC System from October 08, as their exports will be blocked in One-Customs system after the aforesaid cut-off date and no LCL/FCL export cargo pertaining to NLCTT would be allowed ‘gate-in’ in One-Customs.
The terminal operator has been directed not to entertain any shipment of export cargo in One-Customs from October 08. All export cargo would be handled by the MCC (Exports) at NLCTT.