KARACHI: The Directorate general of Customs Valuation has determined customs values of beverages (aerated waters) via Valuation Ruling No.72/2013.
It was brought to the notice of Directorate General that beverages (aerated waters) were being imported at under-invoiced values causing loss of revenue to government exchequer.
Therefore, an exercise was conducted to determine the Customs values of the said product in terms of Section 25-A of the customs Act, 1969.
Beverages (aerated waters – regular, diet and flavoured) of all origins including Pepsi, Coca Cola, coke, 7up, mountain Dew, Miranda, Sprite, Fanta of 150ml shall be assessed to duty and taxes at $0.17/150ml; above mentioned beverages of 300ml shall be assessed at 40.14/300ml; the 330ml packing beverages of the said brands would be assessed at $0.22/330ml while 355ml packing would be assessed at $0.23/355ml.
The revised customs values of Schweppes, Canada Soda of all origins in 300ml packing would be $0.23/300ml while all other beverages (aerated waters) of all origins would be assessed to duties and taxes at $0.76/1000ml.