KARACHI: Consequent upon realignment of jurisdiction of MCC-PaCCS and MCC-Appraisement, following Principal Appraisers have been assigned certain functions.
Rafiullah assigned at East Wharves; Javed Akhtar at Group-I, Transit & Transshipment; Mehtab Ahmed at Group-IV, Front Desk & Laboratory; Agha Mohammad Aslam at Group-IV Recovery; Sikandar Ali Junejo at Group-II, Recovery; Shaheen Farooq at Group-III Audit; Ghous Bux Sekhani at Group-V Securities; Sajid Bhutto at One Customs Assessment; Asad Masood at Group-V, Audit (Ext DRRA); Imam Bux Baloch at NLCCT.
Moreover, Khalid Umar has been assigned at Group-VI, PRV-II; Abdul Qayyum at Group-VI, PRV-I; Mohammad Ibrahim Khan at Group-VII; Razia Sultana Bhutto at Group-I; Najm us Saquib at Pak Shaheen; Ghulam Yaseen at Group-VII, Law Section; Shafi Ullah at R&D, One Custom Assessment; Mohammad Anjum Barakzai at Group-IV, Securities and S.M Waseem Kazmi has been assigned at Hqrs MCC (Appg-East).