KARACHI: The Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Hyderabad has challenged the directives of Chief Collector (South) and insisted to their stance that the clearance of 86 Coils of Hot Rolled Coils imported by M/s Crescent Steel and Allied Products Limited would be (MCC) Hyderabad.
“In case M/s Crescent Steel and Allied Products Limited still insists port of clearance of their own choice, they must please be advised to approach Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Islamabad as provided under condition (X) of SRO. 565(I)/2006,” Collector MCC Hyderabad wrote to Chief Collector (South).
Condition (X) of SRO. 565(I)/2006 provides, “Under circumstances of exceptional nature and for reasons to be recorded in writing, the FBR may relax any of the conditions, if it is satisfied that such condition is detrimental to the bonafide purpose of importer-cum-manufacturer’s business, subject to such surety or guarantee as it may deem appropriate to secure to ensure proper accountable and utilization of the imported goods”.
According to details M/s Crescent Steel and Allied Products Limited had approached Chief Collector (South) for clearance of 86 Coils of Hot Rolled Coils at Karachi instead of Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Hyderabad. However, the MCC Hyderabad strongly protested over the importers plea stating it was against the facility provided under the SRO.
The Chief Collector (South) categorically rejected the MCC Hyderabad stance directing the SRO was beneficiary in nature and importer has option for the port of clearance.
In its letter to Chief Collector (South), MCC Hyderabad stated that the company having their manufacturing unit in the jurisdiction of MCC Hyderabad applied for Annual Quantitative Entitlement Certificate to import various raw material / inputs under concessionary regime in terms of SRO565. According after completion of necessary formalities, the requisite certificate was issued to them on February 2, 2012. “As per condition of the SRO … the clearance of input shall be allowed through one port or dry port.”
The MCC Hyderabad further stated that the location of the unit in the jurisdiction of its collectorate and they were also availing concession from MCC Hyderabad, Dry Port Hyderabad was allowed as port of clearance for the said importer as per condition of the annual quarantine certificate.
The Chief Collector (South), while rejecting MCC Hyderabad plea directed to allow one port or dry port of clearance as per the convenience of the importer.
MCC Hyderabad has now challenged these directives and advised the importer to approach FBR for the relaxation.