KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has authorized Chief Controller, Computer Wing, Income Tax Department to allow genuine corrections on challans’ data as well as collection automation programme data (CAP).
However, these powers can only be exercised on a written request from the tax payer/withholding agent stating that the tax has been deposited erroneously against the party; incorrect name of tax payer or incorrect NTN has been written; name of withholding agent has been written against tax payer’s name and/or incorrect share of tax amount has been written.
Moreover, an affidavit on stamp paper would be obtained from the tax payer on whose name payment has been deposited, clearly stating that this amount does not pertain to him/her and he/she has no objection on transfer of this amount to the actual tax payer.
A certificate would also be obtained from the concerned LTU/RTO stating that the credit of the said challan has not been given to the taxpayer and the receipt back of the original challan from the concerned LTU/RTO by t5he DPC/DPU.
The taxpayer will submit his/her request in the DPC/DPU and the officer in-charge DPC/DPU will forward his request along with above mentioned documents to the Chief Coordinator, Computer Wing (DT) for the specific correction on the challan data.