KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has negated the government drive of austerity measures in government departments as officials of revenue collecting machinery have consumed 86 percent of allocated traveling allowance in just five months of current fiscal year.
According to an official notification, the funds amounting to Rs9.6 million allocated under the head of TA/DA have been consumed up to Rs8.3 million during the first five months of 2012-2013.
The notification stated that the high expenditure of TA/DA was due to upward revision of rates of TA/DA, transfer grant, frequent visits of the officers of FBR (HQ) and relatively higher number of transfer / posting from FBR (HQ) to field offices and vice versa. Furthermore, Finance Division imposed 20 percent cut on the allocation and re-appropriation of funds has also been banned under the head TA/DA, it added.
In view of shortage of funds, the chairman of FBR had approved measures to control expenditure under TA/DA that included:
i. All Members/Officers of FBR (HQ) shall exercise due diligence and control while undertaking visits involving TA/DA.
ii. Management Wing will keep cost element in view while undertaking postings and transfers of officers to and from FBR (HQ).
iii. The Officers/Officials (BS-1 to 21) will undertake mandatory visits only with the prior approval of the chairman, FBR/Secretary, Revenue Division.
The FBR strictly instructed all the Member, officers to ensure implementation of the measures immediately to control the expenditure under the head TA/DA.