KARACHI: The customs authorities have seized a vehicles, which identified as smuggled from the possession of DIG police after a long confrontation between customs officials and Sindh police.

Sources said that officials of Model Customs Collectorate (Preventive) headed by its deputy collector have taken the custody of Land Cruiser which identified as smuggled vehicles, which was used by DIG Sindh Police.

Earlier, the anti-smuggling wing of Model Customs Collectorate (Preventive) on Friday evening intercepted a vehicle ‘Land Cruiser’ on reports the vehicle was being smuggled into the country. “When the vehicle was stopped DIG Qurban Ali Shah appeared from the vehicle and ensured the customs officials that the vehicle was his property and all the documentary are available,” said a sources in customs.
“However, the police officer failed to provide the evidence and made excuses the documents are available at his home in Defence area,” the official added.
Meanwhile, the customs authorities checked the vehicles documents which were not found on customs records making it smuggled item, the official said.
The DIG, however, takes the customs officials to his home and on non-availability of documents asked the customs authorities to give him two days time. “The customs officials, however, are insisting on making a case of smuggled vehicle,” the official said.