KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate of PaCCS has issued Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the issuance of unique user identity for newly Web Based One Customs (WeBOC) clearance system.
The customs authorities said that all importers, exporters, customs agents, shipping lines / agents, privileged persons / organisations etc are required a user-ID for clearance of their cargo using access WeBOC system. “Once the identity is issued the user can operated from anywhere via internet,” said a Standing Order issued by MCC PaCCS. “Individual and especially institutional users must exercise great care in security and control on the user-ID as misuse may entail severe prosecution under law as well as recovery of government dues,” it added.
The order said that user-ID office had now been centerlized in MCC PaCCS, Customs House Karachi, and all applications are to be sent there for processing. “Personal appearance of applicants before issuing officer is mandatory and out of city applicants may appear in the designated offices in Customs Collectorate jurisdiction with respect to their business address,” it added.
According to the SOP the applicant shall file an application, which can be downloaded from www.weboc.gov.pk, along with essential documents and a pay order of Rs500 in favour of collector of customs.
The application is to be sent to the deputy/assistant collector (registration) MCC PaCCS at least 14 days before expected filing of goods declaration, as procedure for issuance of WeBOC user ID may involve physical verification as well as essential online verification for CNIC, NTN, STRN etc. in addition to the compulsory personal appearance.
The following documents are required at the time of personal appearance:
a) original taxpayer registration certificate (previously know as NTN or FTN) with endorsement “registered with sales tax with effect from …”
b) original sales tax registration certificate with STRN unless the taxpayer registration certificate has the sales tax endorsement.
c) Original licence (in case of Customs/Shipping Agent etc.)
d) Original computerised national identity card of individual/partners of firm/directors of a company or of authorised persons of a government department/embassy or an international organisation etc. as the case may be.
e) In case of government, semi-government, embassies, association of persons, companies etc, original letter of authorities and nomination in favour of authorised person, signed by principal officer of the organisation.
f) Original agreement/article of AOP; original Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) incorporation certificate, original Trust deed in case of Trust as applicable.
g) Authority letter in favour of authorised person, issued by head of government department, embassy or international organisation.
The order said that not being on the active taxpayer list is automatic disqualification and user-ID officer has discretion to reject to review applications where it is felt that the applicant is not capable to operate the WeBOC software or is of unsound mind.
The standing order stated that in case of any discrepancy is detected in the particulars of the NTN or STRN certificates, including name, address, email address, active/blacklisted status during online verification by deputy/assistant collector (registration), the applicant would be informed of the same for correction through an email.
The customs authorities said that there was no concept of issuance of provisional registration and user-ID. “Only in case of emergency, on specific permission with reason to be recorded by additional collector incharge, a single user ID may be issued provided a written personal guarantee by an authorised officer holder of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the Karachi Customs Agents Group is placed on record,” it added.
The collector MCC PaCCS may suspend any user-ID at anytime that it is deemed necessary to do so in the interest of the state and exchequer, on his own discretion or on the recommendations of any collector of customs or director of intelligence and investigation.