Inland Revenue Tribunal strikes down revenue demand against SEPCO

KARACHI: Judical Member Inland Revenue Appellate Tribunal Muhammad Javed Zakaria has struck down the order-in-original served on M/s Sukkur Electric Power Company (SEPCO) demanding payment … Continue reading

ATIR to file complaint against FBR’s Commissioner to CJ SHC FBR’s official should not harass M/s Jawaid Bros Label industries

KARACHI: The Appellate Tribunal Inland Revenue (ATIR) Monday asked the Commissioner Inland Revenue (CIR-III) either issue and served CIR (A)’s appellate order to M/s Jawaid … Continue reading

Appellate Tribunal grants 30-days stay-order to K-Electric FBR’s decision to freeze company’s accounts is illegal

KARACHI: The decision of Large Tax-payer Units Karachi (LTUs-Karachi) of freezing K-Electric’s accounts from August 31 is against the law as an Appellate Tribunal Inland … Continue reading

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