Government suspends registration of The City School, Beacon House School

KARACHI: Sindh government on Wednesday suspended registration of all campuses of the Beaconhouse school system and The City School, over their ‘failure to comply with the court otders’ a notification said.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court said the hike in fee by private schools should be reasonable, with the chief justice offering to preside a session of the committee formed over the issue.

The top judge urged the stakeholders to find a solution agreeable to all, saying the court would take up issues not resolved by the committee.

The notice sent to these schools by the Directorate of Inspection/Registration of Private Institutions states that if the schools implement court orders within seven days they would be allowed to open registration. If they fail to comply, the campuses of these schools would be sealed.

The directorate of education department on private schools had written letters to the aforementioned institutions five times for complying on court orders, however, they failed to do so.

The registration would be restored if the schools comply the court orders within seven days, the statement from education department said.

If the said schools failed to comply court orders within the 7 days time frame, these would be sealed off in the presence of judicial magistrate and besides their deregistration.

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