Preventive Karachi surpasses revenue collection target

KARACHI: Collectorate of Customs (Preventive), Karachi performed exceptionally well in the field of revenue Collection during the financial year 2017-18. Against the assigned total revenue target of Rs. 158.868 billion, the Collectorate succeeded in collecting Rs. 160.04 billion, surpassing the target by 1.18 billion.
As compared to the total collection during 2016-17 the collection witnessed a growth of 16.65%. In the head of Customs duty, the collection during 2017-18 remained Rs. 51.06 billion against a target of Rs.50.65 billion, exceeding the target by Rs 402 million whereas, compared to previous year, the Customs duty collection surged by 23.66%. Similarly, the sales tax collection target of Rs. 91.23 billion was also surpassed by Rs 2.261 billion with a collection of Rs 93.6 billion. This was an increase of 16.15% against the collection during the financial year.
With better supervisory controls and plugging of gaps, the Collectorate also managed to exceed the Custom duty target of Rs.5.185 billion for the month of June by Rs. 644 million. The collection during June 2018 registered an increase 12.41% over the corresponding period of the previous year.
Besides outstanding performance in revenue collection and enforcement activities, the Collectorate also established a modern trade Facilitation Enquiry Point at Custom House, Karachi. The Enquiry point has been established in pursuance of country’s commitments under the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). The Enquiry Point responds to the in-person and online trade and customs related enquiries of the trade, government and other stakeholders.
The performance of Anti-smuggling Organization of MCC (Preventive), Karachi, also remained commendable to curb smuggling of illicit drugs, alcohol, beer, cigarettes, gutkha, diesel, mobile phones, betel nuts and other contraband goods during financial year 2017-18. Enforcement activities were at full blast throughout the year. In terms of number of seizure made vis-a-vis preceding financial year 2016-17, a growth of 63% has been witnessed this year 2017-18.

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