Karachi: Mr. Mehmood ul Hasan Awan, General Secretary of the Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA), proudly announces that the Gwadar Port Authority and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs have fully endorsed and pledged their support for KCAA’s suggestions, as confirmed in a recent letter (No.F.No.2(3)/2024-GPA) dated June 4, 2024. The authorities assured their backing within the bounds of legal frameworks whenever required.

As the principal representatives of the Customs Agents community, KCAA presented several proposals to the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan. In a positive response, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Gwadar Port Authority have acknowledged and endorsed these suggestions. The implementation of these proposals will significantly enhance infrastructure and development in Gwadar, thereby contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of Pakistan. The key proposals highlighted by KCAA are as follows:

Gwadar Port Development: To boost activity at Gwadar Port, it is crucial to start feeder vessel services to facilitate bonded /non-bonded consignments movement between Karachi Port, Port Bin Qasim, and Gwadar and vice versa.

The introduction of a Ferry Service from Port Qasim to Karachi Port Trust (KPT) and KPT to Gwadar Port could significantly improve travel efficiency and positively impact trade operations.

Arrangement of Dry Docks near Gwadar Port: Establishing dry docks near Gwadar Port for ship repairs will help earn more revenue and boost port activity in Gwadar.

Abolishment of Sales Tax on Vessel Registration: Currently, no sales tax is charged on vessel registration internationally. Abolishing the sales tax on vessel registration in Pakistan will encourage more vessels to register under the Pakistani flag.

Appropriate Safety and Security for Road Users: Ensuring appropriate safety and security measures, along with providing basic facilities for road users, is essential for improving the overall transportation experience and efficiency.

For the better future of our beloved country and the stimulation of economic growth, the KCAA firmly believes that a collaborative effort between the Government and the Customs Agents community is essential. Such a partnership will undoubtedly lead to effective and sustainable solutions for these pressing issues.