KARACHI: Good news for Pakistanis living in Britain and Europe came from PIA. Pakistan International Airlines has started preparations to operate flights to Paris from next June and to Britain on August 14.

Spokesman PIA According to Abdullah Hafeez, the national airline will get permission from the international organization IASA in a phased manner this month. Spokesman PIA Abdullah Hafeez came from Karachi to Islamabad with a delegation of the Council of Economic and Energy Journalists (CEEJ) in the Islamabad office. In the meeting, it was said that as soon as the permission is given, flights to Paris will be started first in Europe.

The spokesman said that a direct flight from Pakistan to Britain’s Heather Airport will take place on August 14. At present, 7 Triple Seven ships are in operation and in the next two months, two more Triple Seven ships will also come into operation, after which the operation of Europe and Great Britain can be run in the best way with 9 Triple Seven ships. Abdullah Hafeez  said that Pakistan has air service agreements with 97 countries, due to the shortage of aircraft and losses, the routes of flights from 34 countries are now limited to 14 countries. It is hoped that people will choose PIA as soon as the routes are restored. will The PIA spokesperson Abdullah Hafeez also said that direct flights from Pakistan to the UK were stopped in 2020.