Karachi, Pakistan: Present at the event were Omer Ahmed Khan, CEO; Jalil Ahmed Farooqui, Group Head of Sales and Business Development; Danish Farooque, Group Head of Professional Services and Adnan Farooq, Regional Manager Asia Pacific from Avanza Solutions; and Imran Samad President & CEO, Muhammad Anwaar, Deputy CEO,  Ata Hussain, Head IT, Baqir Hussain, Head HR, Hassnain Merchant, Head Payment Services and some members of the senior management from Sindh Bank.

Sindh Bank, a prominent commercial bank in Pakistan known for its rapid growth, collaborates with Avanza Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd., a top-tier provider of cutting-edge digital platforms, solutions, and services. This collaboration aims to accelerate the pace of digital transformation in Pakistan’s banking sector, with a focus on customer-centricity. Together, they strive to revolutionize the banking industry by introducing innovative solutions and services that cater to customers’ evolving needs.

With this collaboration, Sindh Bank has aimed to improve its customers’ experience by prioritizing digital security, customer onboarding, and customer-centricity. The bank intends to offer its customers personalized and secure experiences across all touchpoints, leveraging advanced and next-gen innovations. This collaboration will enable Sindh Bank to ensure the latest security measures are in place to protect customers from potential cyber threats and digital frauds. Additionally, customers will enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience when opening accounts and customer-centric experiences,
including tailored product recommendations and personalized communication. The bank’s approach is geared towards building long-lasting relationships with customers and putting them at the center of its operations, thus providing them with a banking experience that is efficient, personalized, and cost-effective.

‘Avanza Solutions’ CEO – Mr. Omer Ahmed Khan, expressed his views on this partnership: “Avanza’s state-of-the-art digital platforms and solutions are transforming financial institutions’ operations on a
global scale. With Avanza’s cutting-edge tools and technologies, institutions can offer unparalleled convenience and customer-centricity, enabling their customers to enjoy financial freedom and a personalized premium experience. This collaboration will empower Sindh Bank to provide a completely digitalized, seamless, secure, and user-centric banking experience that sets new benchmarks in the digital landscape and redefines industry standards.”

‘Avanza Solutions’ Group Head Sales & Business Development – Mr. Jalil Ahmed Farooqui, stated that: Avanza Solutions – a leading provider of cutting-edge digital solutions and platforms, is transforming
financial institutions worldwide. By collaborating with Avanza, Sindh Bank will revolutionize the digital landscape, establish new industry benchmarks, and deliver a highly personalized customer-centric banking experience that is fully digitalized, seamless, and secure. With Avanza’s next-gen digital platforms, Sindh Bank will revolutionize the banking industry by prioritizing customers’ needs and delivering unparalleled banking services that exceed expectations and pave the way for a brighter financial future.

‘Sindh Bank Ltd’ President & CEO – Mr. Imran Samad, on this event, stated that:

Sindh Bank has embarked upon a futuristic plan to achieve higher degree of connectivity and digital transformation for its internal as well as external customers. In this endeavor, Sindh Bank has undertaken partnership with digital companies in achieving its targets. The collaboration with Avanza Solutions comes with an existing bond that both organizations already have. This furtherance will be beneficial for Sindh Bank for its transformational journey with ease due to a strong professional partner like Avanza Solutions.

About Avanza Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.

Since 2000, Avanza Solutions has been empowering organizations across the globe to adopt digital transformation via next gen and hi-tech innovative digital platforms and services. Being supreme and ever evolving, Avanza serves as a digital hub of innovation and digitalization where technologies like Customer Experience, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Channel Banking, Smart City Applications,
Business Automation, and Cognitive platforms are developed, deployed, and integrated daily.

About Sindh Bank Ltd

Sindh Bank Limited was established on October 29, 2010 with seed capital of Rs.10 billion, wholly subscribed by the Government of Sindh. It commenced full-scale banking business in April 2011 and
within just seven years, emerged as one of the fastest growing commercial banks in Pakistan, having established 330 on-line branches spread across 169 towns and cities of Pakistan. This includes 14
dedicated Islamic Banking Branches (IBB’s) and Islamic Banking Windows (IBW’s) providing a wide range of market based Shariah Complaint products and services. The Bank’s ATM network is also expanding at a fast pace, bringing the total to 293 ATM’s.

Sindh Bank is focused on strengthening its market presence. The Bank is being transformed to position itself as the preferred choice for customers seeking reliable banking services. The transformation
emphasizes human resource development, stability, innovation, expanding its product portfolio, investing in technology and to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. By ensuring a stable
outlook, adopting modern technologies and tailoring services to individual needs, the Bank aims to provide an exceptional and trustworthy banking experience, standing out as “The Preferred Bank in

VISA Credit Rating Company Limited reaffirmed Sindh Bank’s Long -Term Entity Rating of A+ (Single A Plus) and Short – Term Entity Rating of A-1 (A – One).