Karachi: Agri Connection 2023, a national level agriculture conference, is set to take place at a local hotel in Karachi on March 16th, 2023. The conference will be attended by government officials, farmers, and experts from the financial sector, food processing, agri tech, and public sector to discuss the development of agriculture in Pakistan. The conference is organized by the Pakistan Agriculture Council (PAC) and the theme for this year’s conference is “Agri Connection 2023”.

According to Kazim Saeed, Strategy Advisor of PAC, “Pakistan’s agriculture needs massive transformation based on research and development and the use of modern technology.” The conference aims to connect different stakeholders in the agriculture sector to promote this transformation.

Agri Connection 2023 will feature panel discussions on various topics related to agriculture advancement, such as investment opportunities in the agriculture sector of Pakistan, increasing farmers’ profitability through crop management and yield increase, investments for import substitution, maize production for the development of the poultry, livestock, and dairy sector, and its exports. The conference will also focus on how to reverse Pakistan’s trade deficit through agri commodities and tech, as well as the future of agriculture.

Industry experts from food processing, financial sector, agri tech, academia, and public sector will participate in these panel discussions. They will share their knowledge and insights on these important topics to promote the growth of Pakistan’s agriculture sector.