KARACHI: Former president of FPCCI and KCCI Mian Naseer Hayat Maggo said that by ending the differences of the ruling and opposition cooperatives, correct and timely joint decisions should be taken for the country’s economy, due to the imbalance of tax rates. There are difficulties in new business, economic policy should be formulated in such a way that it is business friendly, the policies of the government are not successful because they are prepared without consulting the stakeholders and the good policies are at the mercy of politics. happening, Due to the current political situation in the country and the ongoing chair war, not only the industries related to the SME sector but also the big industries are being closed, while there are recent reports that due to the lack of raw materials of medicines in the country, many important medicines Companies are on the verge of closure, which will lead to shortage of medicines in the country and import medicines will be out of reach of people. He expressed these views during a meeting with the officials and members of the Council of Economic and Energy Journalists (CEEJ) at his residence last night. In the meeting, SEEJ President Raja Kamran, Secretary Kashif Munir, Vice Presidents Ehtisham Mufti, Anjam Wahab, Secretary Finance Ashraf Khan, Secretary Information and Coordination Masood Ahmed Siddiqui, members of the governing body Shehryar Janjua, Ghiyas uddin, Kafeel Ahmed and Mohammad Yasir were present.

Speaking on a question, Naseer Hayat Magoo said that industrialists are very concerned about data theft after cybercrime in FBR, we have no effective liaison with FBR, whatever is asked from FBR. There is no answer, I asked a year and a half ago how much additional revenue is received by opening audit files in five years, but there is no answer, but FBR Chairman FBR has promised this during my recent visit to Karachi. That he will now respond directly to all letters received from FPCCI.

Maggo suggested that if the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) creates an app in collaboration with the utility company, tax can be easily collected from this app. Similarly FBR cotax net will also increase and revenue will increase. He said that people take advantage of the loopholes in the system, so FBR should remove loopholes, where there are weak people, they are taxed through notices, to run industries and also provide opportunities to work. Go, how will it work if FBR gives unjustified notices, in the current situation of the country, business has become difficult, FBR is creating more problems from above.

Regarding Point of Sales (POF), he said that it is a good initiative of FBR and those who are registered in Point of Sales should be checked strictly whether they are providing paid receipts to their buyers or not. no. In response to a question, Nasir Hayat Magu said that whatever concerns the political parties have, they need to be resolved by sitting at a table. Food inflation has become a serious problem and under these circumstances sales tax on food items should be reduced and attention should be paid to control food inflation.