SSGC is serving it’s customers, especially industrial customers with its best of abilities and available resources.

SSGC has never thought of hindering the industrial and business activities.

The discussion in Governor House was aimed at bringing discipline so that every customer can be served in best possible manner.

With complete understanding and support of honourable Governor Sindh, a campaign was launched against the use of strong booster pumps deployed by 189 industrial units.

Subsequently gas connections of only 10 big industrial units were disconnected while rest of the industries cooperated voluntarily by removing their suction pumps. As a result SSGC’s system has shown a gradual improvement in the surrounding areas.

Out of the 10 disconnected customers, 6 largest industrial units realising the facts, have already submitted required undertakings to SSGC and their gas supplies have been restored. The remaining 4 are also in contact with SSGC and after submission of required undertakings their gas supplies will also be restored after an understanding that any future violations will be dealt with severely.

SSGC welcomes voluntary support from industry and expects that all enhanced gas load that was not registered and sanctioned with SSGC’s Sales Department shall be regularised on RLNG billing by submitting required undertakings, as soon as possible.

It should be noted that gas loads can only be sanctioned if there is a written signed contract with SSGC and not on verbal discussions.