KARACHI: The High Power Board (HPB) will convene on November 05, 2021 under the chair of Prime Minister Imran Khan to take up the promotions of BS-20 and BS-21 officers into BS-21 and BS-22.

The High Power Board (HPB) meeting has been delayed by over eight months, and source said PM Imran Khan intentionally delayed the HPB meeting, as a plan is being implemented to reduce the number of Civil Servants by 20 per cent in all services.

Sources said the number of civil servants was extra-ordinarily high than the requirement, which was putting unwanted pressure on country’s resources.

Sources said with the promotion of officers, government had to create new posts and/or reduce the jurisdictions to accommodate newly promoted officers. For instance, there was one DIG in Karachi now there are five. Sources said at most, the HPB will be held in the first half of November.

Because of the delayed HPB, there is severe uncertainty in the bureaucracy because several senior officers are to be retired without their due promotions. Nine federal secretaries (BS-22) are retiring in December 2021.

Sources said the Prime Minister deliberately delayed the HPB meeting. Few officers are promoted in BS-21 and BS-22, but there is a long line of officers behind these officers. And the government had to create posts to accommodate newly

PTI government aims to decrease the number of CSPs by 20% in PSP, PCS, IRS and PAS, and focus more on field officers/officials.

FBR sources, the government will appoint around 400 persons for to forma proper CPEC hierarchy. Uzbekistan Transit Trade agreement is set to be signed shortly which would multiply the transit trade volumes, and Directorate General of Transit Trade would be enhanced.

Technical and professional persons need to be promoted instead of CSPs, perks for the field formations would also be enhanced in line with the employees of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). After increasing their compensation packages, strict accountability would be undertaken against corruption.