1.      Reduction in rate of capital gains tax on disposal of securities from 15%  to 12.5%, reveal budget documents.


2.     Defence spending to be Rs1.37 trillion in the upcoming year.


3.     Salaries of federal government employees and pensions increased by 10%.

4.      Allocation for subsidies increased to Rs682 billion.

5.      Withholding taxes on the usage of mobile phone services has been proposed to be reduced.

6.     CKD kits for electric vehicles,  Federal Excise Duty on cars up to 850cc produced in Pakistan to be reduced.

7.      Rs98 billion from the PSDP to be allocated fort Karachi’s transformation plan.

8.      Interest-free loans up to Rs500,000 to boost spending by households

9.    PSDP allocation has been increased to Rs900 billion, up from Rs630 billion.