100mmcfd LNG import to reduce Rs80b import bill: CNG Association

CNG industry informed Energy Minister on Thursday that 100 mmcfd LNG import would led to reduction in annual import bill of Rs 80 billion. In addition, it will reduce the transport fare by 33 percent.

A delegation of Pakistan CNG Association called on Minister for Petroleum and Energy Mr. Hamad Azhar here to brief the situation of CNG industry and LNG import. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Petroleum Tabish Gohar and Secretary Petroleum Arshad Mahmood were also present in the meeting.

Ghiyas Paracha, Central Leader of the Association and Khalid Latif, Central Chairman gave a detailed briefing on the problems of CNG sector and LNG which the ministers listened to very patiently and assured to solve all the problems of CNG sector.

Paracha briefed the minister and said that LNG was still cheaper compared to petrol for transport sector.He said that 100 mmcfd LNG import would result in reducing oil import bill of Rs 80 billion. In a presentation, Paracha said that it would result in reduction by USD 460 Million per annum on import of 200 MMCF per day.

He said that the increased usage of gas and reduction in price due to the parity with petrol prices, the transport fares will be reduced by 33% creating a relief for the general public. There will be a saving of Rs 5000-15000 per per month for CNG user by importing LNG by private sector, Paracha said.

It will also absorb the total CO2 emissions from the present use of MS and HSD for which we require 1.9 billion trees. But its substitution of CNG will reduce the number of trees to 1.1 billion, establishing its thumb as a Clean and Green Pakistan, Paracha said.

He further said that additional billions of rupees will be generated due to the import of CNG Kits and Cylinders, and related Machinery and manufacturing of the same locally.

There will be a generation of 150,000 to 200,000 more employment opportunities, he said. The energy minister assured to resolve the issue in LNG import, CNG industry is facing.

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