Karachi (PR): Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo President of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry has initiated on regular basis to interact with the business community to seek their ideas and strategic measures to improve business environment and economic development of Pakistan. The FPCCI has invited all leading businessmen, industrialists, trade bodies to participate in the Open House web session that will be held on every third Saturday of the month, the first one will be held on Saturday, 20th March 2021 at 11:00 am.

Since resumption of the office of the President FPCCI Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo is keenly pursuing the agenda of economic prosperity of Pakistan through implementation of suitable policies that will only be designed with the consultation of stakeholders particularly representatives of economic and business sectors.  He said that the apex body of trade and industry will play its role by supporting the present government which is struggling to bring socio-economic prosperity despite multidimensional challenges at domestic and international fronts as well.

Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo further said that the vision and economic policies of the government which he believes will re-track the economy needs broader consultation to formulate mechanism of implementation under the changing dynamics due to global pandemic COVID-19. Most of the avenues of trade enlargement seem to have disappeared or have become fragile as the leading nations are fighting to overcome this pandemic that has damaged and retarded the economic pace globally.

Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo said that this initiative of mega dialogue of business community will positively bring new ideas and avenues of economic growth.