Reliance Petrochem sanitizes Custom House Karachi using WHO prescribed chemicals

KARACHI: Custom House Karachi has been fumigated and disinfected.  Reliance Petrochem Industries Private limited did this job using Alcohol-base Sanitizers.

Custom House Karachi was closed on April 08, 2020 after a PRAL employee was diagnosed with the Corona Virus. However, the building was reopened next day after sanitization done by Reliance Petrochem Industries.

The Reliance Sanitizer is produced in Pakistan in accordance with the FDA and World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations.

By taking a lead towards hygiene and Coronavirus free Pakistan, Reliance manufactured “RELIANCE HANDTIZER” as per USP, FCC, WHO and FDA U.S.A. standard specifications in accordance with 21 CFR 10.115 (g) based on 85 percent Alcohol which kills 99.99% of Germs & Bacteria from your hands to keep you safe from all Viruses and infections.

Earlier, Chief Collector Wasif Memon held a meeting at his office, which was attended by Collectors Saquif Saeed, Nadeem Memon, Jamil Nasir, Imtiaz Sheikh; Additional Collectors Haroon Mailk, Umar Shafeeq and other officers.

The meeting decided to take measures to protect the staff from the pandemic. The meeting decided that no one will be allowed to enter Customs House Karachi premises without a face mask. A sanitizing walk through gate is also being installed at the entrance of the building.

An app is designed, and a focal person is appointed, who would have the authority to allow entrance or refuse entrance to persons other than Customs officials.

Moreover, employees of 50 plus age would be exempted from attendance at office.


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