Government should close Custom House to save virus spread

KARACHI: All the Customs Directorates including Post Clearance Audit, Valuation and Afghan Transit Trade etc will operate with 20% from Wednesday.

Senior officers confirmed the Directorates will have minimal attendance. An official said collectorates could also be closed for few days as the WeBOC system was a fully automated and computerized system, and the Customs staff could easily perform their duties from home. The official said Customs house should also be shut down as assessment of Goods Declaration (GDs) could be performed from home, while examination staff could be assigned in shifts.

Officials are of the view that unless the Custom House Karachi is fumigated and disinfected properly, lives of employees and their families would be at risk. Government should consider this and close the Custom House for a couple of days, and all the employees working at the building should be tested for the virus.

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