Pharma Bureau Urges Uninterrupted Movement of Medicines and Pharma Employees

Shortage of Medicines feared in the country amid lock-down as despite the exclusion, security agencies are hindering movement and transportation of medicines and employees of Pharma companies.

The Pharma Bureau has requested The Government to support uninterrupted movement of medicines and employees of pharma companies to ensure smooth manufacturing and supply of medicines.

Experts have warned that this disturbance can lead to shortage of medicines which can be detrimental in epidemic situations.

It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan’s pharma market is around Rs. 450 billion and one of the biggest employers in the country. There are around 900 companies operating in Pakistan growing at double digit every year.

“Spread of Corona has disrupted the norms of daily life significantly. The sad part is that amongst other matters, it has also impacted the supply of medicines, which is the most essentially needed commodity now.  It has been learnt that many pharmaceutical companies are finding it difficult to freely distribute their medicines across Pakistan as the transporters are not allowed to move freely, despite various advisories by relevant authorities, exempting medicine from the restrictions of lock down,” said spokesperson of Pharma Bureau.

Also, the spokesperson added that employees of pharma companies are also being stopped on their way to offices which may impact production and supply of medicines.

The spokesperson added that there is a need to take this matter seriously and a very clear directive be issued to all concerned and LEAs to allow the transporters to operate freely who are involved in distribution of medicines. Otherwise, non-availability of medicines could convert into a very serious problem under the current circumstances.

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