KARACHI: Bahria Town Karachi (BTK) has come up with another scheme to mint even more money and avoid refunds to the allottees whose properties were cancelled i.e, never existed.

The allottees whose properties were cancelled have been issued demand notes for 35% development charges, and their properties have shifted in yet newly created precincts.

One of such affectees said that his property was in Precinct 26A, which was cancelled, and he was advised by staff that he could claim refund. “Now I have received a letter demanding 35% development charges and my property is now shifted to Precinct 62.”

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According to Bahria Town official website there are 33 precincts in the project. A real estate dealer said overall there are 57 precincts if include all other projects.

“I don’t trust Bahria Town, I don’t trust Malik Riaz. They fleeced us for 4 years and then told us our properties were cancelled. Now they are demanding more money, only to tell us after 3 more years that we can claim 100% refund because our properties do not exist,” an affectee said.

The real estate agents and builders are convinced that not a single rupee should be paid to Bahria Town.

“We and our investors have suffered a lot by the hands of BTK and Malik Riaz. Now we are advising our customers and investors not to make any payments to these scammers,” a real estate agent dealing in BTK properties said.

The dealer said that all the allottees BTK and other projects would be slapped development charges, even those which Malik Riaz in his video mentioned would have to pay extra on one pretext or other.

“There was no mention of any development charges and yet these were imposed. The other projects’ allottees would face the same issues going forward.”

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A real estate developer said Malik Riaz obtained the existing BTK land through false and criminal means. “I don’t know how many people would be deprived of their land and even lives as BTK has created several new precincts”.

Notorious real estate tycoon Malik Riaz has always been at center of controversy involving illegal land acquisitions and corruption on a massive scale.
Last year, Malik Riaz paid $250 million as part of a settlement with Britain’s money laundering investigating agency.

Bahria Town faces accusations of manipulating land records and forcibly evicting people from their villages on the city outskirts to make way for its projects.

Riaz, a major advertising spender, has an outsized influence over media houses, which block coverage critical of the real estate tycoon. He has also been known of rewarding top news anchors with cash, properties etc.

Given Malik Riaz’s influence and connections, the allottees and affectees have pinned their hopes on Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa for the justice.

33 thoughts on “Mega real estate scam: Bahria Town Karachi comes up with another scheme to fleece masses”
  1. Some says, he has transferred money to UK to support queen . Working for the betterment of UK.in return, he gets salary upto 55000 UK pounds.if you transfer huge amount in UK banks they protect your life.Now he is no more musalman, he works for UK.who provides him security. Imran Khan told in his speech in the UN. These countries provide security and shelter to money launderers. Understood.

  2. Malik Riaz, a man, who is corrupt, dishonest,infact a dakoo. A man, who does not afraid from poor public, who is least bothered about Allah s.t system. His life is based on jhoooth. A man, soon will be hanged by Allah s.t inshallah.including those facilitators taken bribe to protect him cannot hide themselves from Allah s.t nizam of Justice.He is completely covered by a force of shaitaans. He may not be able to kill himself and may not die even wish to die, but inshallah, these poors will pis and his maqbara will be in his palace at Bahria town karachi.


  4. Even I am facing the same. I have paid all dues and still they moved my plot to a new precint which doesn’t exist and wud be approximately 45km away from the gate . And now he is demanding development charges and threatening that the plot will get cancelled. It’s extremely disturbing. How can we trust and pay more on a plot which doesn’t exist and won’t be handed over or given possession soon .
    Extremely depressed
    I think we all should unite and file a case against him

  5. It is really a big fraud. We have to unit and fight for our hard earn money. Refund must be @ usd. What about precint 32 D?

  6. Why Allaha help these people ,Did you have taken approvel with God, Riaz malik have all judges,genrals,Media,politician, Beaurocrate with him .next what u can just nothing.

  7. Allah humare liye asani farma de, Ameen. I am an overseas Pakistani paying to Bahria for the land which does not exist even bahria is not responding now. I believe malik riaz is above law.

  8. I would suggest that all effectees should presuure governmenet to nationalize this project in the interest of peoples of pakistan and handover it to DHA so all investor get their amount with the due profit.i am sure a mega economic activity will be started with this trasition and PTI govt will restrain its political position and nation will get rid off from this mafia

  9. InshaAllah Malik Riaz and his team will held accountable for even the loss of one single ruppe of people on the day of judgment and become the reason for people to get rewarded. This is the justice of Allah and one will see the result immidiately when the soul departs the body, as one strong verses of the holy Quran that angles will beat bad souls (ZALIMEEN) while taking their souls and punishment will immidiately start then and there. Remember the life is short, so be patience and calm.

  10. Yeh bik gaye hay gorment …sub politicians judges Army Sub …believe me otherwise this country have had everything mentioned in Surah Rehman

  11. Logo ki investment loot kar dastar khawan garibo ke liye laga rahe ho, logo ko unka haq tu de do phir madad karna

  12. I hv plot in 32 a now bahria town shifted my plot precint 62 , earlier bahria town charges me penalty of non payment now they are in default stage instead of compensate us they still demand more money and give us possession after four year

    Shame on bahria town shame on malik riaz and all media they are hiding this critical scam

  13. Kahaan lay jaingey yeh paisay kabar may? Malik Riaz nay buhat logo k goth Ghar ojaray Hain. Allah ki lathi bay awaz hai. Inn Sha Allah, Malik Riaz & group, tabah o barbaad hoga. Aameen sum Aameen

  14. Suns hai ke Jo pakra jata hai wohi Chor hota hai. Magar yahan hat Chor bimari Ka drama karke mulk se farar hoja hai unhi looti huyi daulat ki madad se. Ab logon ko agley General Elections tak intezaar Karna phir Siyasatdaan aapse wada karengay ke agar woh elect hogaye tou aapki looti huyi raqam wapas diwa dengay.

  15. Where are media no news and talk show regarding Bahria and Fazaia scam all channels are silent where is PTI government all MNA MPA ARE SILENT. Supreme Court should take action

  16. He is trying to play the same game in Peshawar. Please don’t invest in any project of Bahria Town

  17. Please Karachi people should talk about us also… you are United.. pl highlight.. bahria Phase ext scam of malik riaz also.. he looted money of poor people’s..

  18. We are affectee of bahria pase 8 .. no land no plot.. we paid full amount in 2013. But in near future no news of any possession.

  19. You keep pinning hopes with one high up or another and the bastard buys them all. Whome do you feel your new Massiah will side with. You the affectees or the tycoon. Bahria Town was a scam to begin with and it has grown in size and scale. It buys all the high and mighty of the land of the pure and will keep doing so for the foreseeable future

  20. Iam also alottee of p 23 A which is out of boundry after 5 years they said for refund or wait .
    Iam an expatriate Allah swt is malik riaz ko Gharat karay aik din ye sarak per aaiga Allah boht bara hai hum tou us se dua kartay hain k hamain insaf diladay

  21. I agree what has been reported. I am also if in the affectte, I think it’s a time to take action and stop this fraud Malik Raiz for new announcement ie, he is now planning the same at Peshawar

  22. Don’t worry, Almighty Allah is everywhere n I m sure dt he wl definitely help all the victims later or sooner. In my opinion, Malik Riaz n his complices should be worried about their temporary world n Akhirat as well. Even though they are apparently enjoying a luxurious life but indeed they wl be restless. We should b thankful to Almighty Allah dt we aren,t debtor of Malik sb but he is. Be optimistic .

  23. Very simply, the scammer need bamboo by strong organizational leader.
    He is the biggest criminal in the Pakistan history.
    People of Pakistan just like khaesja sirasz.
    Some effecties are very simple people the do not know the game of Malik .

  24. same with us.. they have taken our file on name of refund and gvus a small paper….
    now waiting… hamare paisay aur hum bheekang rahey hain… koi pochne wala nae he in ko

  25. I am small salaried person having family of 6. Today i need money for the wedding of daughter and education of sons. Whom i seek Justice? Applied for refund and deposited complete original documents, but for last three months no reply received.
    Whom i curse? Definitely…. Myself

  26. This what make invester to flee Pakistan.many ppl make fake blames against develper,they want to made false statements to make them leave Pakistan.shame on the enymies of pakistan.it was started by jusice saqib nisarlanat on him him.

  27. Government of sindh and federal govt.required to intervein and resolve the issue.
    Refund with atleast 35% extra amount to affective peoples on must basis should be recovered from bahria town as they utilized money for 5 years.

  28. Mr Riaz Malik has now levied additional Development Charges, which unjust. Government of Pakistan must protect interests of its people.

  29. I am facing same situation my plot as per earlier record situated in precinct 25-A but now received letter from Bahria Town Karachi, they have shifted my plot from Precinct 25-A to precinct 61 and also imposed 35% charges,
    Additionally they again extended this precinct 61 to be completed in 2024.

    That is unacceptable!

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