Business community opposes appointment of Chief Executive TDAP from bureaucracy 

KARACHI: The business community has strongly resented to the idea of appointment of a bureaucrat as CEO Trade development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP).

[the_ad id=”32940″]In a statement President FPCCI Engr. Daroo Khan Achakzai has said that TDAP is an institution for facilitation of businessmen specially exporters and responsible for enhancement of Exports of Pakistan.

Such institutions cannot be run in bureaucratic style and can only work effectively if they function in corporate style and headed by people from Private Sector, who understand the problems of business community and export Sector.

Even traditionally the heads of this organization have been selected from Private Sector.

The experiment of posting Bureaucrats as its Chief Executives of TDAP has miserably failed in the past and in fact made this important institution completely ineffective, inaccessible to business community and alarmingly engulfed it in the worst ever corruption Scandals in the history of Pakistan.

There are hundred of mega corruption cases pending in the courts related to TDAP and all of them are of tenures of bureaucrats who were appointed as CEOs of TDAP

The President FPCCI strongly urged the Prime Minister to appoint CEO TDAP from Private Sector or else this institution, which is already on verge of collapse, will be dead entity for the business community.

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