KARACHI: The chief collector of customs appraisement-south Abdul Rasheed Sheikh has barred importers to file goods declarations (GDs) on self basis pertaining to certain group of products.

Chief Collector has ordered that the commercial importers of consolidated/multiple consumer product consignments, imported against a single index, in a mix of three or more items as specified below are required to file Goods Declaration (GD) for clearance of such goods only through a licensed Customs Agent.

Officials said it was a very positive and prudent measure taken by Chief Collector Abdul Rasheed Sheikh and would go a long way in securing government revenue.

Abdul Rasheed Sheikh is known as a very honest and competent officers. Restricting importers from filing self-basis GDs would eliminate chances of mis-declaration and under-invoicing. Moreover, this would discourage certain elements who het registrations with Inland Revenue and obtain WeBOC ID fraudulently to claim inadmissible concessions.

The group of products for which importers are mandatorily required to file GDs through the Customs agent include Milk and milk products under PCT chapter 04; Natural Honey under PCT 0409.0000; Prepared vegetables fruits, nuts & other food products under Chapter PCT 08 and chapter 02.

Other goods include Coffee and Tea under PCT 09.01 and 09.02; Cereals, preparations of cereals  and food products under 11.03, 16.04, 19.02, 19.03, 19.04, 19.05; Prepared meat and meat products, Prepared or preserved fish, Sausages and similar products of meat under PCT Chapter 16; Sugar confectionary  including White Chocolate not containing coca, Chewing Gum under PCT 17.04; Chocolate & other food preparation containing coca under PCT 18.06; Aerated Waters/Mineral Waters under PCT 22.02; Dog, Cat food under PCT 23.09.

Other groups of products long with their PCT chapters include Tobacco and  manufactured tobacco  substitutes, Cigars, and Cigarettes under 24.02, 24.03; Essential oils, Perfumes, Cosmetics and toilet preparations under chapter 03; Soap, washing preparations,  lubricating preparations and polishing or scouring preparations under PCT chapter 03; Self-adhesive film, foil and tapes of plastics under PCT 39.19; Bathroom articles, window blinds and other articles of plastics under Chapter 03; Tableware/kitchenware of plastic, glass, porcelain and ceramic under 39.24, 44.19, 44.21, 69.11, 69.12, 69.13, 69.14, 70.13, 70.15; Tableware/kitchenware of Iron  or Steel, Copper and of aluminum under chapter 07; Glass beads and  other articles of glass under Chapter 07; Suit cases, hand bags, and  other similar articles under PCT Chapter 04 and Articles of apparel, clothing accessories and other articles thereof under PCt 43.03, 43.04.

Other goods include Paper & Paper products under PCT chapter 04 and Fabrics falling under Chapter 05 and Chapter 06. However, the fabric under PCT 54.07 has not been included in the list. Officials said banned Indian origin fabric is imported misdeclared as Chinese origin. A particular cartel is involved in this scam and the same people are also known as importers of LED lights and fixtures through misdeclaration.

Other goods include Carpets other floor covering, Blankets and similar made ups under Chapter 05 and Chapter 06; Garments of men /Women/Children over coat and jackets under Chapter 06; Shoes all sorts and sizes under PCT Chapter 06, Glass beads other articles of glass, Artificial Jewelry under PCT 70.18, 70.20, 71.17; Stationary articles under PCT 73, 84, 90 and PCT 96; Household appliances under PCT 73, 84 and PCT heading 85; Kitchen cutlery and similar articles under PCT heading 82; Miscellaneous articles  of base metal, Padlocks, Lock Handles, Electrodes under PCT heading 73, 74, 76, 83; Multimedia apparatus, Computer, Laptops, Tablets, accessories and parts thereof under PCT 84, 85, 90; Battery chargers others inductors under PCT 85.04.

Other goods include Telephone sets including cellular telephone sets under 85.17; Electronic apparatus and parts thereof under PCT heading 85; Electrical apparatus, switches, protecting electrical circuits, fuses, lighting arresters,  plugs and other  connecters junction boxes and parts thereof under PCT heading 85 and PCT heading 90; Auto-Parts and accessories for motor vehicles under PCT codes 40, 84 and PCT code 87; Lenses, prisms, mirrors and other optical elements under PCT code 90; Clocks, Watches,  other timing instruments and parts thereof under PCT code 91; Musical instruments under HS code 92;  Furniture and fixtures under HS Code 94; Lights, Chandeliers other similar lamps  and fittings thereof under HS Code 85 and 94; Toys, Games and Sports articles, equipment under HS Code 95; Miscellaneous consumer articles under HS Code 70 and 96; diapers all sorts and sizes under 96.19 and 96.20 and Works of Art, Collectors’ pieces and antiques under PCT 97.01, 97.02, 97.03, 97.04, 97.05 and 97.06.

The Goods Declaration filed in violation of this order shall be liable to cancellation besides other punitive action under the relevant provisions of the Customs Act, 1969 while Customs Agents shall be directly and equally responsible for any wrongdoing or violation.