KARACHI: A number of newly appointed appraising/valuation officers who have completed their trainings have been posted at MCC Appraisement East and MCC Appraisement West.

As many as 12 appraising officers are posted at examination terminal at MCC Appraisement East. Ali Raza, Saud Ali Akhtar, Waqas Ishtiaq and Muhammad Zunair Fayyaz as posted at PICT; Hafiz Syed Khawar Hashmi is posted at East Wharf; Shabeer Ahmad Khan, Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Ismail, Muhammad Noman Manzoor and Arjad Abbas Khosa are posted at SAPT. Akram Ali is posted at NLCCT and Hafiz Muhammad Ahmad Ansari is posted at Pak Shaheen.

Moreover, Abdul Aziz, Hafiz Syed Khawar Hashmi, Shabbir Ahmed Khan, Ali Raza, Muhammad Ismail, Saud Ali Akhtar, Muhammad Noman Manzoor, Akram Ali, Waqas Ishtiaq, Arjad Abbas Khosa, Hafiz Muhammad Ahmad Ansari and Muhammad Zunair Fayyaz will remain at the disposable of ADC (Examination) at MCC Appraisement East.

Tariq Usman is assigned Group-VI, Mujahid Iqbal-I and Rashid Ali are assigned Group-IV, Ilyas Gichki Group-V, Mohammad Ali Nadeem and Asma Batool at Group-II, Muhammad Zeeshan Wazir at Group-III, Mujahid Iqbal-II at Group-I and Shakeel John is assigned Group-III at Appraisement East.

Following newly recruited appraisers are posted at MCC Appraisement West. Raja Shakeel Ahmed is assigned at Group-I, Mir Hammal Khan at Group-II, Abdul Jabbar at Group-III, Arif Ali Shahzad Qureshi and Jawahar Abbas t Group-IV, Faisal Bashir at Group-V, Abdul Majid and Sajid Ali at Group-VI, Asif Jamil  and Asim Abbas at Group-VII and Faseehuddin is assigned at Group-VIII.

Adil Javed, Muhammad Yousif, Faraz Ahmed, Najeeb Abid, Dowlat Khan, Arif Hussain Shah Rizvi, Mohammaad Inayatullah and Atta Ur Rehman Khan are posted at KICT; Ali Raza and Muhammad Zafar Arshad are posted at BOML, Naqeeb Ullah and Shahzada Ameen Ahmed Babar are posted at West Wharf; Zaka Ullah Durrani and Muhammad Akhter are posted at AICT.