KARACHI: Customs Appraisement South has blocked the WeBOC User IDs of Port Control Unit (PCU), which sources said was an attempt to facilitate unscrupulous elements in inflicting loss to national exchequer.

Port Control Unit (PCU) inspects manifests, GDs and etc. PCU is allocated an intelligence ID with unlimited authorities.  The staff of PCU had been trained at international institutions across the globe and a huge sum was spent on their training.

These investment actually paid off as PCU made record cases and delivered record performance. It detected import of acetic anhydride, which is the mega case in the history of world customs; Import of Cocaine from South America 226 kg; 245 kg ephedrine from Australia was seized; import of liquor in the garb of soft drinks was detected; detected fireworks import consignments and many others.

Quite surprisingly, the user IDs of PCU were blocked in May despite the fact that May and June are highly sensitive months as far as import and assessment is concerned as there is much load of consignments while there is pressure of meeting the revenue targets.

Officials said months of May and June are prone to fiscal frauds and even contraband products could be cleared and at this moment of time suspending IDs of PCU raises several questions on the intentions of Appraisement South.

There will be a number of shipments coming to MCC Appraisement West of Iron and Steel, since examination has already been weakened in the name of trade facilitation, it is suspected certain elements with the connivance of appraisement south high-ups have planned some big game.

A total of seven IDs of PCU were suspended and later one ID was restored. MCC Preventive has posted the PCU staff at airport.

Sources in Customs Intelligence said they had reports that there would be a big game pertaining to steel, TP and Afghan Trade and they were making preparations to stop this game.