KARACHI: Customs officials who made a case and served contravention report on M/s Bismillah Industry had to pay price for doing their job as they were victimized by Grade-21 Customs officer.

M/s Bismillah Industry imported a consignment declared to be pre-painted galvanized coil prime quality and sought clearance through the clearing M/s E-Movers. The GD was selected for scrutiny and the goods were found to be of secondary quality. There is a big difference in duty/tax structure on prime quality and secondary quality.

Deputy Collector Dr. Shahzad, Principal Appraiser Zahid Pervaiz, Appraising Officer Riffat detected the case and a contravention was served on M/s Bismillah Traders. However, on the alleged instructions of the senior Customs officer the contravention report was withdrawn.

Mansoor Shaikh of M/s E-Movers is the front man of a Grade-21 Customs officer and running a huge scam pertaining to the import of iron and steel and causing huge loss to the national exchequer.

Similar thing happened in the case of M/s BBJ Pipes and the contravention served on them was withdrawn.

In the garb of trade facilitation, several contraventions are withdrawn everyday and thus the government is deprived of revenue in terms of fine and penalties while the importers attempting to defraud the exchequer are actually being facilitated.

M/s E-Movers Pvt Ltd is also an accused in the case of transshipment cargo replacement during transit. On the request of MCC Peshawar, Collector Appraisement West Shahnaz Maqbool suspended the license of M/s E-Movers. However, within two days the license was restores reportedly on the instructions of the senior Customs officer.

Sources said officers/officials making cases against M/s E-Movers or the clients of M/s E-Movers were being victimized in the form of transfers and blocking of their WeBOC user ID, which has created an environment wherein officers and officials are reluctant to make cases against the wrongdoings of M/s E-Movers Pvt Ltd and its clients.

Sources said contravention reports served were withdrawn so that the profile of the accused remained intact and they could continue to use the green channel facility and continue to defraud national exchequer.

It is worth mentioning here that one clearing agent Rajab Ali who was wanted absconder in the pharmaceutical raw material import scam or Chandna case; his license was suspended but the above mentioned Grade-21 officer restores his license against a fine of Rs25000 only.