Sharjeel Jamal’s lawyer legal notice on Chief Collector Appraisement

Sharjeel Jamal’s lawyer serves legal notice on Chief Collector Appraisement

KARACHI: Barrister Faroogh Naseem, the counsel of Sharjeel Jamal, has served a legal notice of Chief Collector Customs South Abdul Rasheed Shaikh to unblock their WeBOC user ID and refrain from harassing Sharjeel Jamal.

Sharjeel Jamal is co-accused with M/s AMI Pakistan in the switch bill of lading case, wherein the accused imported banned goods through mis-declaring the port of origin of good and port of loading.

The notice has also demanded for immediate renewal of Sharjeel Jamal’s license as well as payment of demurrages to the tune of Rs0.4 million, which incurred due to illegal blocking of their user ID.

Barrister Naseem has said that, they would have no option but to institute legal proceedings against Chief Collector Appraisement South and warned of consequences.

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