KARACHI: The Directorate General of Transit Trade has lodged FIR against importer and clearing agent for mis-declaration of goods and import of banned items in transit trade.

According to details, M/s Zubair Wali Ahmed Zai Ltd all Afghan based importer filed a GD through their authorized Clearing Agent M/s Akmal Rafay International for transit of a consignment imported said to contain ladder, radio, electric drill and plastic bottles imported from China.

Information was already received that the importer in connivance with customs agent would attempt to clear the goods which are banned therefore, the suspected GD was selected for examination by the respective Examination Section to confirm description, quantity, brand, origin and other aspects.

The examination staff examined the goods and found undeclared and restricted items including liquor (beer 3744 cans) valued $7392 and auto parts valued $1750 totaling $9142 besides other undeclared items including inventors, polyester/cotton jackets, perfumes, electrical cutting machine, electrical switches, iron TR guarders and assorted drill machines, etc., total value of offending/seized (undeclared & banned goods) mentioned Goods Declaration comes to Rs5.795 million.

It was evident that the importers M/s ZubairWali Ahmed Zai Ltd in connivance with the clearing agent M/s. Akmal Rafay International attempted to smuggle contrabands and banned goods by way of mis-declaration and concealment in the garb of transit goods.

FIR is lodged accordingly against the importer and clearing agent while goods have been seized.