KARACHI: Director General of Customs Valuation, Sumaira Nazir has allowed the revision petition filed by the importer M/s S.M. Bashir Agencies against valuation Ruling No.645/2014 with respect to the Porcelain Ware / Glassware.
According to details, the importer of Porcelain Ware and Glassware M/s S.M. Bashir Agencies filed a revision petition by explicating that they have been importing the items for catering table and glassware from UAE since a long time.
Despite this, they had not given any heed for submitting their comments during the time when the customs value of the said ruling was determined.
Moreover, it is pertinent to mention that the ruling consists of some grave misconceptions in view of obtaining and calculating the customs value after thorough market analysis. It was also submitted by the importer that they basically deals in the import of catering ware but the said valuation does not pertain to that item, it is concerned to other crockery valuation which is packed in dinner set shapes not in bulk packing.
Importer further stated that their transaction values should be accepted as the local market prices obtained by this office mainly represents the retail price, which is unpredictable from market to market.
Responding to the reservations made by the importer Valuation department made it unequivocal that the importers reply is fragile and unsubstantiated. Respondents argued that the notices were sent to the importer and the importers clearing agent M/s Nawab Sons attended the meeting in this matter.
Furthermore, Additional Director Valuation also submitted that the importer also failed to provide any authentic documentary evidence in the subject matter.
DG of Customs Valuation after meticulous market inquiry remarked that the Valuation Ruling was groundless and vague being on much inflated side than the current market prices. Hence, it is of utmost importance to conduct a fair enquiry to verify the actual price.
In the light of the given facts, the DG Valuation of Customs directed to give an opportunity to the importer to justify the fairness of the declaration and the case has been remanded back to the Director Customs Valuation by disposing off the review petition.