KARACHI: The R&D section of MCC Appraisement East has lodged an FIR dated March 04, 2015 against one Mohammad Ali Chandna for importing banned chemical ‘Paracetamol’ through mis-declaration and evading duty/taxes of Rs16.04 million.

According to details, information was received in the R&D Section that M/s. Pure Enterprises is regularly importing Pharmaceutical raw material with the vague description of “SDO” & “Preservative ACJC” from China at the lowest declared value of $ 0.30/kg.

It was also known the impugned pharmaceutical material is in fact consisting of Paracetamol and Aspirin which being costly items. The declared / assessed value should have not less than $4/kg & $ 6/kg respectively. Further, the import of these goods is restricted in accordance with the provisions of Drugs (Import & Export), Rules, 1976 and Import Policy Order 2013-14.

The arrested accused got the impugned goods cleared on vague / ambiguous declaration and supported by vague test reports issued in connivance of the officers of Custom House Laboratory namely Muhammad Fahim Khan (Chemical Examiner) and Masood Aziz Khan (Chemical Examiner) and their role is being further investigated.

The relevant data of the import has been retrieved whereby it has been observed that the said importer has imported two consignments of the said material. Accordingly, a strict vigil was kept on the manifested cargo and finally two consignments were spotted. In order to ensure that the goods are not removed through illegal means, the said containers were blocked in the system and Deputy Collector (PICT) was requested to withhold the auction proceedings.

Nobody filed the GD, the Deputy Collector (PICT) has referred the goods for chemical analysis form Custom House Laboratory. The goods were found to be Paracetamol in the form of white powder.

Importer in connivance of laboratory staff has manage to manipulate test reports to escape the restriction of application of Import Policy and payments of legitimate taxes to the tune of millions of rupees.

Later on custom agent M/s Suhail Enterprises filed an application on behalf of M/s Poulvet Pharmaceuticals claiming the instant IGM which belongs to M/s Pure Enterprises.

The owner of M/s Suhail Enterprises, namely Shaikh Muhammad Suhail, was questioned with regard to claiming of IGM on behalf of M/s Poulvet Pharmaceuticals, particularly in the backdrop goods were manifested in the name of M/s Pure Enterprises which is a commercial, non pharma manufacturer entity.

He informed that the said request was moved on the directive of Muhammad Ali Chandna, the owner of M/s Pure Enterprises. In this way, the accused Muhammad Ali Cliandna has attempted to get the name of consignee changed from M/s. Pure Enterprises to M/s. Poulvet Pharmaceuticals with an intention to circumvent the restrictions of Import Policy and to get refuge from the vigilance and blocking of Customs. Accordingly, the contra-banned goods were seized.

According to FIR, the willful mis-declaration of description by M/s. Pure Enterprises was aimed at to avoid the restriction of import on pharmaceutical raw materials by the commercial importers and while declaring its lower value was to deprive the government of its legitimate revenue to the tune of Rs16.04 million in the consignment under detention while the quantum of evasion of sizeable revenue is being worked out in case of previous released goods and their financial and criminal liabilities shall be ascertained during the course of investigations.